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Eventorum – Whither the Whales?

Image: a North Atlantic Right Whale with her calf. See: “New Research Helps Explain a Sudden Population Crash for Rare Whales”, in the NY Times, By Catrin Einhorn, Sept. 1, 2021 (

Right whales, wrong time. Human activities are leading to the demise of these majestic beings. Only 356 individual Northern Right Whales are thought to remain. Global warming (which affects their food supply and reproduction rates), ship strikes, and entanglements in fishing gear are the primary culprits. Every choice we make, every single day has impacts and implications that range far beyond what is immediately evident.

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Eventorum – Frankenfood

Modern farms? Apparently are laboratories (because we're trashing the Earth).

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Eventorum – “Non-stop plastic”

We must not ignore the suffering of nature.

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Eventorum – Leaving no Room

We consume everything so that there is no room for anyone else.

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Provocations #7 – Momentary Monarchs

Momentary Monarchs - how much longer will these majestic creatures be with us?

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Eventorum – Extinction

Eventorum - The tide of the 6th great mass extinction on Earth continues to roll, will we ever learn? 

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Provocations #5 – Compounding Problems

When you have m problem multiple problems, they begin to interact in unexpected ways and can often amplify the severity of the situation, leading to bigger and more complex problems than might otherwise be anticipated.

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