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Posts tagged ‘Wisdom’

Provocations #11 – On the Wisdom of Self Storage

Self storage facilities are springing up everywhere, stuff is eating us alive, and we lack the wisdom and the will to do anything about it.

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Provocations #10 – Perceptions

There is no reality, only our perceptions of it. Because of the way our brains function, our experience of self and the world around us are interconnected and utterly unique.

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Eventorum – Fiddling With Nature

Fiddling with our water supply and disrupting Nature - dust on snow.

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Eventorum – Trending Words

The apparent state of our government in trending words.

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Provocations #6 – Too Busy to Think

We keep ourselves so busy, we do not have time to question, to reflect, to change.

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Provocations #2 – Whither Wisdom?

I argue that humanity is clever but unwise.

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